Adrian Agency brand Blueprint

Adrian Agency Branding Blueprint

Adrian Agency Story

Why did you start your business?

Adrian Agency was founded out of Chris McKinzie’s desire to utilize his unique set of skills and experiences to help businesses grow through purpose-driven marketing. An epiphany led to the realization that their most fulfilling relationships were with clients who shared their value of serving others, either through their businesses or with the revenue generated. This became the unique niche they sought to fill in the market, a departure from other marketing companies solely focused on business growth. McKinzie’s troubled past and transformation from self-serving to service-oriented shaped the foundation of the agency. The aspiration was, and continues to be, to work with clients who share the same purpose-driven mindset, for these partnerships are not just mutually beneficial, but also deeply fulfilling.

What problem do you solve?

Adrian Agency addresses the significant challenge many businesses face: aligning their purpose with their marketing efforts. Many clients excel in their field but struggle with marketing due to a lack of technological understanding. This agency steps in to bridge that gap and amplify their message. Instead of merely focusing on business growth, they zone in on their client’s core purpose, helping them achieve it through strategic marketing. Their unique approach comes into play when a business generating a minimum of $20,000 monthly revenue seeks to elevate their success. Adrian Agency differentiates itself by delving into the heart of the business owner’s purpose, enabling a deeper understanding and alignment that not only boosts revenue but also aids in future planning.

How do you solve it?

Adrian Agency employs a unique, purpose-focused approach to address their clients’ marketing needs. Their distinct method begins with a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy developed through in-depth interviews to understand the client’s past, present, and future goals. The bond they form with the business owner enhances the entire process and sets them apart from competitors. Following the creation of a brand messaging, logo, and image, they devise a marketing strategy to reach their clients’ ideal customers. The agency leverages AI and other technological tools to streamline customer attraction and retention, aiming to maximize client lifetime value. Their comprehensive, in-depth approach has garnered positive responses from clients, who appreciate the depth they bring to marketing.

Adrian Agency Niche

Who do you want to help most?

Adrian Agency seeks to serve entrepreneurs who are not just business-driven, but have a strong commitment to benefiting their family and community. Their ideal client earns a minimum of $20,000 in monthly revenue and possesses strong ethical values, often aligning with Christian principles. This group is crucial to the agency because they comprehend the importance of serving a cause beyond personal gain. Adrian Agency tailors their services to resonate with these clients’ purposes, showcasing how they can aid them in achieving their goals. The connection with this audience is strengthened through testimonials and reviews from like-minded individuals, reflecting the agency’s alignment with their ideal client’s profile.

What are their top needs?

At Adrian Agency, the primary needs of their target audience revolve around business growth and the realization of broader visions beyond their current operations. Over time, the agency has refined their approach, realizing that appealing to business owners’ dreams and ambitions yields greater success. They stay updated with their audience’s evolving needs by consistently focusing on their purpose, enabling them to adapt their strategies accordingly. A testament to their approach is a septic system client whose business they helped increase by over a million dollars in revenue. The feedback received reiterates the consistent need for growth and adaptation, which Adrian Agency is well-equipped to address.

Who do you want to repel?

Adrian Agency deliberately steers clear of any business that operates unethically or contradicts biblical values. Preserving their ethical integrity is paramount, unwilling to compromise for the sake of business growth. Their messaging remains steadfastly focused on promoting purpose, drive, and ambition, effectively dissuading unsuitable clients. Past experiences with less compatible clients have reaffirmed the importance of this selective approach, leading to swift disassociation to prevent negative impact. If approached by someone outside their target audience, the agency’s stance is firm and respectful – they politely decline, maintaining alignment with their core values.

Adrian Agency Identity

What is your brand personality?

Adrian Agency embodies the personality of a selfless activist, acting as a coach or mentor for their clients. Their brand exudes characteristics of being helpful, insightful, encouraging, and strategic. By spotlighting their clients’ positive contributions to the world and sharing educational content to foster growth, they maintain consistency across all brand touchpoints. Drawing inspiration from both growth-focused marketing companies and purpose-driven ministries and non-profits, they aim to blend the best of both worlds. When interacting with Adrian Agency, they strive for clients to feel empowered and confident in accomplishing their life’s mission, solidifying the agency’s role as their ally in achieving these goals.

What is your mission?

Adrian Agency is driven by their purpose-driven website program, providing comprehensive tools to launch businesses effectively. This mission permeates their business decisions, shaping their ethical stance, content promotion, and sales mentality. Long-term relationships with clients whose purpose they admire serve as milestones that epitomize their mission in action. The agency communicates their mission to their team and customers by emphasizing the importance of focusing on their purpose. Over time, their mission has evolved and been reinforced through the experience of working with purpose-driven customers, further honing their target audience.

What are your top core values?

Adrian Agency’s core values are firmly rooted in partnering with ethically sound businesses focused on more than just profit. These principles significantly shape their operations and strategies, often leading them to provide more value than their competition, driven by genuine concern for the clients’ growth. These values guide almost every business decision, ensuring alignment with their purpose at the forefront. Despite challenges, such as opportunities to work with businesses that don’t align with their ethical values but offer significant financial gain, Adrian Agency remains steadfast, choosing to uphold their core values over short-term profit.

Adrian Agency Personified

Brand Persona

Meet Adrian, the personification of Adrian Agency. Adrian is in his early 40s, a picture of wisdom and experience earned through years of hard work and dedication. His demeanor is composed and confident, an embodiment of the agency’s purpose-driven mission. His eyes are sharp and insightful, reflecting the agency’s strategic approach to problem-solving. He wears smart-casual attire, a balance between professionalism and approachability, mirroring the agency’s blend of business growth focus and purpose-driven principles. Adrian’s accessory of choice is a leather-bound notebook, symbolizing the agency’s dedication to planning and strategizing. His serene facial features embody the calm, strategic mindset of the agency. His hands often gesture when he speaks, reflecting the agency’s active involvement and personal touch in helping clients achieve their goals. Adrian’s personality is a mirror of the agency’s core values. He is ethical and principled, turning away from opportunities that don’t align with his values. He is selfless, always putting the needs of others before his own, reflecting the agency’s selfless approach to serving clients. Adrian is insightful, drawing from a well of wisdom to guide his decisions and actions, mirroring the agency’s insightful approach to marketing. Adrian is encouraging and strategic, always looking for ways to help others grow, reflecting the agency’s core mission. His demeanor is calm and confident, reflecting the agency’s consistent focus on purpose. Just like Adrian, the agency is a mentor, guiding clients towards their goals with a steady hand and a clear vision.

Brand Mission

Adrian Agency is dedicated to empowering businesses through purpose-driven marketing strategies. Their mission stems from a deep-rooted commitment to serve ethically conscious entrepreneurs who seek to make more than just a financial impact. They leverage their expertise in technology and marketing to help their clients amplify their message and reach their full potential. By aligning their tactics with their clients’ purpose and values, they create a roadmap to success that extends beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Adrian Agency stands as more than a marketing firm; they are a strategic ally and mentor in their clients’ journey towards purposeful growth.