Brand Butler Branding Blueprint

Brand Butler Story

Why did you start your business?

Brand Butler was born out of Adrian Boysel’s mission to democratize access to effective brand strategy for small businesses. Inspired by his 17-year journey in branding, Boysel observed a gap in the market for an affordable, reliable tool that could help business owners make sense of brand strategy. On recognizing the transformative potential of AI, he envisioned it as a tool to streamline the brand-building process, making it accessible for everyone. His personal experiences led to the conception of Brand Butler, a platform that eliminates guesswork and provides clarity on what constitutes a brand’s core pillars. Through this, he aspires to help businesses become more authentic, envisioning Brand Butler as a reliable aid that helps businesses maintain focus on their mission, identity, and purpose.

What problem do you solve?

Brand Butler addresses a pivotal problem faced by many businesses: the lack of a clear, consistent, and impactful brand strategy. The company understands that many businesses struggle with defining their brand story, identifying their ideal client, and distinguishing their brand in a saturated market. Before Brand Butler, there was no straightforward tool to guide businesses through the process of brand development. They offer a solution to businesses experiencing stagnant growth on social media, struggling to attract clients, and having difficulty in presenting their brand effectively. Brand Butler believes that a clear brand strategy leads to improved messaging, a well-defined target audience, and a stronger brand identity, which in turn drives attention, authority, and sales. They stand out in their ability to provide this strategic clarity without the need for expensive consultants.

How do you solve it?

Brand Butler employs a unique AI-powered tool to address the challenges businesses face in brand strategy development. This online tool, designed to provide clarity and direction in under an hour, sets itself apart in the market with its innovative use of technology. Customers simply visit the site and start filling out a step-by-step form. Upon completion, a comprehensive webpage is generated, detailing their brand story, niche, identity, and brand archetypes. This tool is part of a greater suite, connected with other resources such as marketing and business planning tools. Despite not having launched yet, Brand Butler’s solution promises to revolutionize the approach to brand strategy.

Brand Butler Niche

Who do you want to help most?

Brand Butler aims to serve brands less than five years old, already making six figures and aspiring to reach the seven-figure mark. These brands are characterized by their purpose-driven nature, prioritizing impact over income. This group, referred to as “Givers”, not “Takers”, is significant to Brand Butler because of their genuine intent to serve people. To cater to this audience, Brand Butler makes their tool affordable and offers the option for one-on-one consultation. Their connection to this group is underscored by their extensive experience in helping businesses gain brand clarity, noting that those who value impact over income tend to sustain their businesses longer.

What are their top needs?

Brand Butler’s target audience primarily seeks to enhance their marketing to drive more business and sales, outperform their competition, and create a brand that leaves a significant impact. Over time, they have recognized the increasing competitiveness of the market, and the necessity of a unique brand identity that captivates attention and cultivates loyal consumers. To accommodate these evolving needs, Brand Butler continually develops new technological tools for added value and greater audience reach. Their one-on-one approach, featuring a proprietary process known as the branding blueprint, has successfully met these needs. The feedback from their audience underscores the need for brand clarity, market differentiation, increased revenue, and brand authority growth.

Who do you want to repel?

Brand Butler aims to repel individuals and groups not aligned with their mission, particularly those not interested in growth, solely profit-driven, or large corporations with well-established brands. Their focus is on aiding the “underdog” cause-based businesses aiming to make a significant impact within their community. By targeting small to medium businesses generating between 1 to 20 million per year, Brand Butler ensures their messaging doesn’t attract the wrong audience. Past experiences with ill-suited clients reaffirmed their commitment to their ideal customer profile. In situations where entities outside their target audience approach, they maintain their standards, working exclusively with brands committed to social impact and generating at least one million per year in gross revenue.

Brand Butler Identity

What is your brand personality?

Brand Butler’s brand personality mirrors the character of Alfred, Batman’s trusted butler from the Dark Knight movies. Described as wise, loyal, passionate, protective, experienced, strong, disciplined, compassionate, stoic, and provisional, the brand embodies the same reliability and strength. Consistency across all touchpoints is ensured through a uniform color scheme, a specific photography style, and sage type verbiage that denotes strength and purpose. Drawing inspiration from brands and personalities such as Batman, X-Men, Bentley, Movado, American Express, and BMW, Brand Butler aims to make their audience feel confident, curious, and slightly intimidated, signifying the high-end, high-ticket nature of their proprietary branding tool.

What is your mission?

Brand Butler’s mission is to equip business owners with the tools to build an authentic, purpose-driven, and memorable brand that cultivates a loyal fan base. This mission steers business decisions, as they aim to help small businesses reach their full potential, understand key strategies, and become the “Vigilante Heroes” of their industry. This purpose-driven approach has already helped thousands of clients discover their brand’s essence and generate over 100 million dollars in trackable revenue. The mission is communicated to the team and customers through a commitment to continuous learning, technology improvement, and provision of resources to address clients’ challenges. Over time, this mission has evolved from a primary focus on helping people with marketing to encompass multiple methods and frameworks for training and scaling their consulting division.

What are your top core values?

Brand Butler is anchored by non-negotiable core values of integrity, the belief that care is the best marketing strategy, and a commitment to innovation using the finest and most proven technologies. These principles shape their business operations and strategies, leading to the creation of their unique tool and the choice of their target niche. These values have consistently guided their business decisions, with the company declining to work with clients whose practices do not align with their principles. Ensuring team alignment with these values is achieved through hiring individuals who are passionate, coachable, have integrity, and are committed to making a positive impact. Thus far, they have not faced challenges related to upholding these core values.

Brand Butler Personified

Brand Persona

Brand Butler is personified as a wise and experienced butler, akin to the character of Alfred from the Batman series. Imagine a distinguished gentleman in his 60s, with a head full of silver hair, and piercing blue eyes that hold a wealth of wisdom and stories untold. His posture is straight, his movements disciplined and precise, a testament to his military background. He carries an air of quiet authority and dignity, commanding respect without uttering a single word. He’s always impeccably dressed, preferring a well-tailored charcoal grey suit, a crisp white shirt, and a silk tie that matches the company’s color scheme. A small pin, the symbol of Brand Butler, adorns his lapel – a subtle but constant reminder of his unwavering loyalty to the brand. His face is weathered but kind, with deep laugh lines etched on the corners of his eyes and mouth, a testament to his compassionate nature. He carries a gold pocket watch, a gift from a satisfied client, that serves as a constant reminder of the value of time and the importance of punctuality in his work. His demeanor is stoic, yet his compassion is palpable, particularly when he speaks about the businesses he has helped. His voice is deep and soothing, his words carefully chosen and always insightful. He exhibits an unwavering commitment to integrity, innovation, and care – principles that guide his every action. In his presence, one feels a sense of calm confidence. His rich experience, combined with his passion for helping others, makes him an inspiring figure. He is the embodiment of the Brand Butler mission: to equip businesses with the tools to build an authentic, purpose-driven brand that cultivates a loyal fan base.

Brand Mission

Brand Butler is on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses approach brand strategy. As a steadfast advocate for underdogs, they strive to equip growing, purpose-driven businesses with innovative, AI-powered tools that provide unparalleled clarity and direction in their brand development journey. They are dedicated to helping businesses build authentic, memorable brands that resonate deeply with their target audience, cultivating loyal fans and driving sustainable growth. Brand Butler is committed to continually enhancing their technology and expanding their knowledge base to address the evolving challenges of their clients, all while maintaining their core principles of integrity, care, and innovation. Their ultimate goal is to support businesses in becoming the “Vigilante Heroes” of their industry, standing out in the marketplace and making a meaningful impact.